Business Scope

SILVERSAGE REALTY sells, manages, invests, and develops residential and multi-family real estate in the bay area. We offer

  • Personalized service in buying & selling single-family & multi-family income properties.

  • Full-service property management for (overseas) investor clients.

  • Turn unattractive properties into appealing, income-producing properties.

  • Portfolio management of single-family and multi-family properties.

Integrity and ethics are foremost importance to us. We value our clients and are here to serve long-term and short-term needs. Our primary areas cover the most desirable areas of Peninsula and Silicon Valley, including Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Redwood City, Redwood Shores, Foster City, Belmont, San Carlos, San Mateo, and San Jose. (DRE#02063115)

About US

Emily Hung & Hao Chu

Emily and Hao have lived and invested in bay area real estate since 2000. Prior to their real estate business, they had successful careers in finance and academics. Emily was formally a venture capitalist and investment banker. She received BA degree from National Taiwan University (NTU) and MBA from UIUC. She held senior executive positions at UBS, Citigroup and Intel Capital, and managed funds with hundreds of millions of dollars. Her business footprints covered the Greater China region, US, and Europe. Hao is a computer scientist. He received BS degree from Cornell and PhD from UIUC Computer Science. He has taught (still teaches) at NTU while holding visiting positions at Stanford & Berkeley. His research work has over 6,000 citations (Google Scholar), and authored 20 early & impactful U.S. patents in smartphone apps and mobile Internet. Emily & Hao bring a wealth of business knowledge & real estate experiences, in negotiation skill, finance and investment. They have a strong network of skillful remodel & building crew. They both hold CA real estate broker licenses (DRE#01963749, DRE#01978227).

Emily: 650-300-9038 |

Hao: 650-300-9048 |

Jessy Chen

Jessy (Hsin I) had lived in Taiwan, Central America, and now resides in the bay area. She earned BS degree in Japanese at National Chengchi University (Taiwan) and MS degree in Communication Management from USC. She is multi-lingual with proficiency in Mandarin, English, Spanish, and Japanese, and has multicultural insights. She has been working at the automotive industry for more than five years and has solid experiences in servicing worldwide customers. While living in the Silicon Valley, she has researched the fast-growing real estate industry in the area. With her marketing specialty and diverse cultural background, she brings unique set of skills to assist clients in identifying and fulfilling their real estate needs. She holds CA real estate license (DRE#02089270).

408-476-4570 |

Autumn Chin

Always ready to help those around her, Autumn’s background in Health communications led her to pursue a career in real estate. Majored in Public Health at NTU, she got her Master’s in Health Behavior and Health Education from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Her clinical projects while working for UMHS mainly focused on informed decision-making process. Thus, she is dedicated to transparency, integrity, and client satisfaction with quality service. Her goal is to skillfully guide clients through every step of the home buying and selling process and to help them fully explore their options and to feel confident about their decisions. As a homeowner and investor herself, she recalls what it is like to be the client, and strives to remove the bumps in the complex or overwhelming experience. This requires Autumn’s unique blend of energy, persistence, and people skills. Autumn loves to work with first-time home buyers as well as experienced buyers and sellers. She has extensive knowledge but not limited to South Bay areas, like Sunnyvale, Cupertino, and Santa Clara. (DRE#02081035)

650-561-5858 |

Camie Lee

Camie has lived and invested successfully in the Bay Area real estate, including Peninsula and East Bay. Camie’s priority is to be consistently accessible, responsive and sensitive to her clients’ individual needs. She knows that buying or selling a home is one of the most important financial and personal decisions. She is level-headed and practical, calmly helps clients get through the emotional and stressful process and achieve their goals. She is experienced with home renovation and can leverage her connections with contractors and remodeling crew. Prior to her real estate business, Camie worked in regulatory affairs focusing on medical devices. She received BS in Biotech from National Chiao Tung University and MS in Immunology from National Yang Ming University. With her previous career and educational background, she has established the skills of attention to detail, communication, and organization, which she uses to bring excellent service to her clients in the housing market. (DRE#02151600)

650-862-0389 |

Christine Chang

Christine obtained an economics degree and furthered her education in marketing with project management from the UC Berkeley program. She is cultivating her Real Estate passion by pursuing an MS degree in Real Estate and Infrastructure at Johns Hopkins University. For the past decade, she has dedicated herself to the high-tech industry. However, the starting point of her career was in the luxury rental properties business. She has a vast network in Silicon Valley, China, and Taiwan; she is also the co-founder of Silicon Valley Talk, a platform that allows the community to meet and collaborate; thus, she's continuously building an in-depth relationship with California's local communities. Additionally, Christine has a strong interpersonal and negotiation skill set, along with her passion for real estate, enabling her to successfully invest in properties from South Bay to the Peninsula. (DRE# 02200076)

(408) 785-1686 |

Mailing Address

PO BOX 263, Menlo Park, CA 94026-0263

Active/Pending/Upcoming Listing(s)

1368 El Camino Real, #412, Santa Clara. $1,299,000. Pending.

Sold Transactions

1838 Kilowatt Way #402, Fremont. $1,772,764. SOLD.
378 Santa Diana Ter, Sunnyvale. $1,715,000. SOLD.
168 Georgetown Dr, Mountain View. $1,455,000. SOLD.
489 Tan Oak Ter, Los Gatos. $1,450,000. SOLD.
1452 Shore Dr, San Jose. $1,285,000. SOLD.
223 Duran Ter, Sunnyvale. $1,250,000. SOLD.
411 Paco Dr, Los Altos. $3,120,000. SOLD.
1621 Cordilleras Ave, San Carlos. $2,500,000. SOLD.
777 Hollenbeck Ave, #8H, Sunnyvale. $1,480,000. SOLD.
2131 Samaritan Dr, San Jose. $1,255,000. SOLD.
1033 Bellante Ln, Unit 3, San Jose. $1,220,000. SOLD.
422 Crescent Ave #20, Sunnyvale. $900,000. SOLD.
364 Benvenue Ave, Los Altos, $6,510,000. SOLD.
2 Colonial Pl, Redwood City, $2,760,000. SOLD.
4001 Marshall Ave, San Mateo, $2,490,000. SOLD.
1256 Ashcroft Lane, San Jose, $1,750,000. SOLD.
21 Wellington Ct, Mountain View, $1,565,000. SOLD.
287 Adeline Place #6, San Jose, $1,410,000. SOLD.
775 Cathedral Dr, Sunnyvale. $4,005,000. SOLD.
39789 Mule Deer, Newark. $2,460,000. SOLD.
468 E 28th Ave, San Mateo. $2,261,888. SOLD.
610 Bristol Ter, Sunnyvale. $2,105,000. SOLD.
102 Lemmon Ter, Sunnyvale. $1,700,000. SOLD.
338 Llano De Los Robles, San Jose. $967,762. SOLD.
918 Mangrove Ave, Sunnyvale. $2,757,000. SOLD.
4126 Wisteria Lane, Palo Alto. $2,701,000. SOLD.
3143 Kermath Dr, San Jose. $1,820,000. SOLD.
15114 Shore Dr. Los Gatos. $1,633,000. SOLD.
2419 Rebecca Lynn Way, Santa Clara. $1,185,000. SOLD.
20 Madison Ave, #314, San Mateo. $1,122,000. SOLD.
1225 Avenida Benito, San Jose. $1,356,666. SOLD.
3363 Park Blvd, Palo Alto. $1,780,000. SOLD.
906 Mangrove Ave, Sunnyvale. $2,490,000. SOLD.
2670 Hill Park Dr, San Jose. $2,210,000. SOLD.
2358 Toledo Ter, Mountain View. $1,874,000. SOLD.
1614 Hudson St, Unit #202, Redwood City. $650,000. SOLD.
414 Longden Ave, San Mateo. $2,100,000. SOLD.
1209 Oak Grove Ave, #101, Burlingame. $923,000. SOLD.
2345 Carlton Ave, San Jose. $1,800,000. SOLD.
1145 San Raymundo Road, Hillsborough. $5,350,000. SOLD.
1845 Palm View Place, #112, Santa Clara. $638,888. SOLD.
476 Giannini Dr, Santa Clara. $2,400,000. SOLD.
16500 Grant Bishop Lane, Los Gatos. $1,880,000. SOLD.
107 Summerwood Dr, Los Gatos. $1,350,000. SOLD.
1215 Westbury Drive, San Jose. $1,050,000. SOLD.
1373 Fisherhawk Dr, Sunnyvale. $2,700,000. SOLD.
3766 Redwood Circle, Palo Alto. $2,930,000. SOLD.
1357 Lee Pl, San Jose. $1,260,000. SOLD.
4113 Tobin Circle, Santa Clara. $1,680,000. SOLD.
6282 Mahan Dr, San Jose. $1,320,000. SOLD.
5141 Tisdale Way, San Jose. $1,760,000. SOLD.
140 Barias Pl, Pleasanton. $1,228,000. SOLD.
1181 Furlong St, Belmont. $1,860,000. SOLD.
215 Ortega Ave, Mountain View. $1,325,000. SOLD.
3468 Flora Vista Ave, Santa Clara. $1,755,000. SOLD.
1323 Vernal Dr, San Jose. $1,950,000. Off-Market. SOLD.
46 Eddystone Ct, Redwood Shores. $1,110,000. SOLD.
3465 The Alameda, Santa Clara. $855,000. SOLD.
227 Ada Ave #Q, Mountain View. $1,355,000. SOLD.
402 Ives Terrace, Sunnyvale. $1,710,000. SOLD.
849 Cambridge Ave, Menlo Park. $2,450,000. SOLD.
715 Raines Ter, Sunnyvale. $1,780,000. SOLD.
2881 Paddock Way, San Mateo. $1,760,000. SOLD.
2530 Homestead Rd, Santa Clara. $1,115,000. SOLD.
694 Drucilla Dr, Mountain View. $2,386,000. SOLD.
4020 Williams Rd #6, San Jose. $675,000. SOLD.
363 Derby Ave, San Mateo. $1,415,000. SOLD.
308 Santa Diana Ter, Sunnyvale. $1,400,000. SOLD.
2293 Sunrise Dr, San Jose. $1,375,000. SOLD.
296 Waverley St, Palo Alto. $1,100,000. SOLD.
4173 El Camino #34, Palo Alto. $1,685,000. SOLD.
554 Los Olivos Dr, Santa Clara. $1,025,000. SOLD.
19123 Vineyard Ln, Saratoga. $1,060,000. SOLD.
10222 Nile Dr, Cupertino. $1,190,000. SOLD.
3868 Enrichment Ter, Unit #1006, Fremont. $879,150. SOLD.
850 West Grant Place, San Mateo. $1,360,000. SOLD.
566 Maple Ave, Sunnyvale. $1,480,000. SOLD.
129 Churchill Ave, Palo Alto. $3,440,000. SOLD.
380 Bramble Court, Foster City. $1,920,000, SOLD.
2256 Bowdoin St, Palo Alto. $2,250,000. SOLD.
140 Chetwood Dr, Mountain View. $1,590,000. SOLD.
1865-69 Alma St, Palo Alto. $2,300,000. SOLD.
346 La Crosse Dr, Milpitas. $920,000. SOLD.
34809 Canopy Ter, Fremont. $1,210,000. SOLD.
3165-67 Alma St, Palo Alto. $1,650,000. SOLD.
350 Pine Way, Mountain View. $1,560,000. SOLD.
650 Tyrelia Ave, Mountain View. $1,502,000. SOLD.
328 Bryant St, Palo Alto. $2,350,000. SOLD.
2366 Ramona St, Palo Alto. $3,780,000. SOLD.
3484 Rambow Dr, Palo Alto. $2,725,000. SOLD.
857 Carlisle Way #125, Sunnyvale. $1,310,000. SOLD.
455 Chagall St, Mountain View. $1,468,800. SOLD.
182 Evandale Ave, Mountain View. $1,650,000. SOLD.
155 Florence St, Sunnyvale. $1,455,000. SOLD.
10865 Sweet Oak St, Cupertino. $1,246,800. SOLD.
1305 Karmen Ct, Santa Clara. $1,435,000, SOLD.
12 Quail Meadow Dr, Woodside. Listed $4,500,000.
1650/1652 Portola State Park Rd, La Honda. $2,510,000. SOLD.
49 Showers Dr #W106, Mountain View. $1,029,000. SOLD.
2060 Monterrey Ave, Menlo Park. $2,565,000, SOLD.
1153 Castle Way, Menlo Park. $3,900,000. SOLD.
358 Fernando Ave, Palo Alto. $1,300,000. SOLD.

Selective Properties Managed by Silversage

2045-51 Alma St, Palo Alto
3157-59 Alma St, Palo Alto.
1400 College Ave, Palo Alto.
69 Flood Circle, Atherton.
2170-72 Dartmouth St, Palo Alto.
103-107 Seale Avenue, Palo Alto.
411 Paco Dr, Los Altos.

Map of Active, Sold, Managed Properties